With such variety of special venues, stunning landscapes, turquoise water and golden sands, it is easy to see why so many couples choose Cornwall as the setting for their wedding day.

Kerensa is experienced at providing music for ceremonies (entrance of the bride, signing of the register etc.), background music and for receptions and special events (both as a solo musician or as part of a duo or larger group).

The Hammered Dulcimer is truly unique. The instrument often likened to playing the insides of a piano, has an ancient and pure quality which transports listeners to another world, creating a sacred space which makes those special moments truly memorable.

From traditional Cornish, Celtic to classical or modern pieces Kerensa will always endeavour to personalise the music to suit any theme and to meet your requirements.

In many cases Kerensa is able to provide a personalised recording of your wedding music and has even been commissioned to right unique pieces for the happy couple as a reminder of their special day.

For more info please contact info@kerensahammereddulcimer.co.uk